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Are you ready for a Misfit

We are so excited you are interesting in adopting a Misfit. A Misfit is the best kind ! Its really just a nickname we call all our babies. Welcoming a pet into your home and life is an amazing experience.  If you have children, adopting a dog can be a wonderful part of their childhood - creating memories that will last a lifetime.  Like other members of your family, animals get hungry, bored and sometimes sick.  Helping them with food, activity and care are now your responsibility. Your commitment to love and keep your pet safe should not be taken lightly.

When you know you are ready to bring a pet into your home, the best first step is to fill out an adoption application.  All adoption homes are screened to ensure the pet is going to a home that will be a good fit for the pet. When you are completing your application you will notice that we do require a veterinarian reference for anyone that has owned pets currently or with in the last 5 years, 3 Non Family Member References as well as a Home Check. Once your application has been approved, all you need to do is find your furever pet.

You may find one right away - or look for a few weeks or months - when it's right you will know.

 How we determine a breed of Misfit- Quite simple, we really can't be certain but we try our best. Our dogs, most commonly, are magnificent Misfits Pure bred Mutts.  The breed listed on the website is always a "mix" and is completely based on a guess by our staff, vet or shelter. There can be endless varying opinions as to what a dog is really mixed with. For example, a dog may be marked as a lab mix and if you get a DNA test done, there may not be any lab in the dog at all. There are many times we know who Mom and Dad are and we do our best to judge breed. But unless someone gives us pure bred paperwork all of our Misfits are Mixed. 

The reality is, if it's important to you to have a certain breed (or it is important that your dog NOT have certain breeds in its makeup), try a breed-specific rescue group. If breed is not a concern when choosing a fit for your family, try to focus on traits that make a difference in daily life such as personality/temperament, size, health, activity level and age. 

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