This is wonderful your interested in one of our Misfits! We would like to explain the requirements of adoption and process as well as helpful tips in adopting a rescue dog either from us or other rescues. 

Requirements are a completed application, a veterinary check for any current pets or if you have owned a pet in the last 5 years , 3 non family member references and a home check. 

Adoptions fees are as follows:

Ages 0-6 Years- are $475.00

Ages 6 and Up - are based on over all health and/or critical / senior care needed for the individual dog being adopted. Minimum adoption fee is $175.00

Adoption includes age appropriate vaccines, health certificate, microchip, 30 days of free pet health insurance.

Spay and Neuter is included for New Jersey Residence Only at this time if it has not already been completed.

All out of state adopters will be financially responsible for the Spay ​or Neuter under Contract if not already completed 

*List of reasons your application may be red flagged for further review or denied by us or other rescues you have applied too. 

1. We require a home check

2. We require all your present animals to be up to date on all Rabies and Distemper ( this includes Cats and Ferrets ) 

3. We require all your pets to be at least seen by a licenced veterinarian for yearly exams. This insures us that your animals health is being looked after. ( Please call your vet and authorize us to speak with them 

4. We require all your current dogs to be spayed or neutered. If your animal is not altered we will ask your vet if they have a medical reason behind this decision. 

5. We require 3 non family member references- references can make or break your approval. Example: if your reference refuses to speak with us or declines to comment this raises red flags or If your references states concerning statements in regards to your adoption.

6. Your Veterinarian declines to comment or states this isn't a good fit for our dog. 

7. If you have other reactive animals in the household that do not get along well with other dogs- we are most likely not going to put another dog in your home. 

8. If any of our dogs has any special restrictions such as children, cats, no other dogs/animals and you express any of these in your home. We will not place such dog you applied for with you. We will though try to suggest another dog that may best fit your life style. 

9. If you have any questions on our requirements please reach out to us personally. We do not mind helping adopters understand how they can help make requirements with ease.